My students include Broadway performers, pageant winners, adults with no singing experience, teens and kids. I work with singers of all levels on a range of vocal sounds, specializing in popular vocal styles.

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Your voice is like an artist’s palette with many colors to choose from. There is no such thing as one “right” or “pretty” vocal sound. Your voice can make any number of different sounds, in various musical styles. The key is learning to be more aware of the vocal choices you are making at any given moment, and how to adjust as needed. The tools used for singing are the very same tools used for everyday vocal expression, whether laughing, crying, whining, yelling, sobbing, or speaking. By paying more attention to the way your voice feels (and not just how you think it sounds) you can explore the rich possibilities of your own, beautiful voice—no matter what style of music you choose to sing.

Nia Ashleigh headshot

Very proud of voice student Nia Ashleigh Harris,  recently selected in a national competition as a winner of the YoungArts competition in Popular Voice!  Check out a video of her performing the song "Rise Up" here.