Voicing Across Distance is a new podcast from Masi Asare on listening for voices and vocal sound in our historical moment, across social distance. Bringing together voice scholars and practitioners.  Guests include:  Shana L. Redmond, Nina Sun Eidsheim, Joan La Barbara, Neil Verma, Ryan Dohoney, Julie Foh, Jeremy Ryan Mossman, Stan Brown, Robert Sussuma, and upcoming: 
Katherine Meizel, Derrick Fox, Elias Krell, Abigail Bengson, and Andy Evan Cohen.

Each episode has 3 parts: a reading from a theoretical text on voice; a reflection/ conversation with a scholar on voices in our time of Covid19; and a practical vocal exercise from an expert. (Transcripts coming soon.) Listen below. Also available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Podcasts.

Also available on Spotify

May 28, 2020

EPISODE 5 - Allow Vibration, Dwell, Work With It

A brief reading from "On Sonic Meditation" by Pauline Oliveros;  sitting with the voice that retains its mystery with Ryan Dohoney  (Northwestern); and a conversation and exercise from contemporary music vocal virtuoso Joan La Barbara.

CUE TIMES (start of each section): 1:44 [theory] // 6:05 [scholarly conversation] // 35:52 [exercise etc.] 

May 7, 2020

EPISODE 4 - Antiphonal Life, the Voice in the Building, & Pharyngeal Ventriloquism

Thinking the capital-V Voice of song and activism with Shana L. Redmond (UCLA); with readings from her new book Everything Man: The Form and Function of Paul Robeson (Duke Univ. Press) and a meditative vocal experiment from Robert Sussuma (Vocal Learning Systems).

CUE TIMES (start of each section): 1:05 [scholarly conversation] // 28:40 [readings] //35:22 [experiment]

 April 30, 2020

EPISODE 3 - Invocation, Practice of Attention, and Semi-Occlusion

A brief reading from For More Than One Voice by Adriana Cavarero; reflecting on voices, scholarship, and practices of attention with Nina Sun Eidsheim (UCLA); and a vocal exercise from Jeremy Ryan Mossman (Carthage College).

CUE TIMES (start of each section): 1:05 [theory] // 5:10 [scholarly reflection] //33:56 [exercise]

April 23, 2020
EPISODE 2  - The Break, the Kaleidosonic, and the Lip Flubber

A brief reading from In the Break by Fred Moten; reflecting on today's nostalgic voices with Neil Verma (Northwestern) ; and a vocal exercise from voice coach Julie Foh (University of Connecticut). 

 CUE TIMES (start of each section): 1:05 [theory] // 5:00 [scholarly reflection] // 37:37 [exercise]